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Waterproof Series

Waterproof Series

1) high compactness and bending strength
2) humidity and sag resistance
3) anti mold mildew and moisture absorption
4) decompose formaldehyde  
5) release negative oxygen ions 
6) anti rust and corrosion ceiling grids 
7) gloss tile surface reduce light pollution
8) functions and aesthetics perfectly combined
9) non-combustibility, meet Gb8624 Grade A standard,

Product models

Standard Sizes:  600x600mm / 300x1200mm / 600x1200(1500)mm
Non-standard sizes and patterns can be customized according to requirements.

Application areas

Health Cares
Education / Factories
Hign End Buildings 
Meeting Rooms 
Clean Rooms 
Cultural Architectures 
Shopping Malls
Halls and Corridors

Project references

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